Thanks to its long experience in experimentation, REPROS provides its customers with machinery and equipment for the ag-research market.

seminatrice parcellare PLOT DRILL per colture cerealicole e foraggereREPROS supplies with plot planters and combines, meeting the specific research program needs. In its workshop in Alonte the company performs maintenance and update of research equipment, according to a customized assistance.

Since 2005 REPROS has been developing a partnership with ALMACO, a leading company in designing and manufacturing specialized research equipment. REPROS distributes, installs and provides customers with after-sale services for all ALMACO products in Italy and other European countries.

REPROS introduced, first in Europe, in 2006 the ALMACO NO STOP plot harvesting system (HarvestMax). During 2008 installed this system on a split combine, allowing to reach a harvesting capacity of 5000 plots/day.

Besides hemas_croaziaREPROS installs the most innovative equipment for plot harvesting on medium and small size combines, suitable for working on experimentation activity (single plot combine).


As for planting, REPROS has been using for more than 20 years GASPARDO planters: on the newest models of these Italian machines REPROS installs the equipment for plot planting.