Varieties comparison and agronomical trials

semina 2005REPROS plans and conducts comparative tests on vaierties and hybrids as well as agronomical tests (such as fertilization, planting time, plant density, cultural tecniques) in each Northern Italy region. The trials are carried out by creating plots, ministrips and strips to exacting experimentation standards.
REPROS has its own highly specialized equipment for sowing and harvesting and carries out trials on the most important crops such as grain and silage corn, cereals, soybean, sorghum, sunflower, rape, sugarbeet and horticultural crops.
REPROS manages development programs. intended to the promotion of new products, based on experimental trials and Demo fields.

Selection, conservation and production

REPROS manages the complete process from the constitution of a new variety to the production of the basic seed. The company carries out selection, purity conservation and seed production on field, finishing its activity in the warehouse with the further seed selection and cleaning.

Application to the Variety Catalogue

REPROS can act as a representative office for companies, not based in Italy, for applying their products to the National and European Variety Catalogue. REPROS has been an A.I.S. member since 1998, in order to satisfy its clients in the best way.