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With an experience of over thirty years, we select the equipment most suited to the needs of those who work in the research and agricultural experimentation of the main extensive crops at European level.


For decades our company has been using traditional Gaspardo seeders, which carry out modification and installation work on specific components that lead to optimal use in the experimental activity.

This collaboration with Gaspardo allows us to have a constantly updated machine, in step with the most modern technological innovations on the market and an extensive assistance network that ensures timeliness in spare parts.


There are many models and accessories available, including the most modern GPS technology, to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We install equipment for the micro-granular distribution of geodisinfestants, fertilizers and liquid distribution systems in the row on new or already in use machines.


We are able to adapt traditional small and medium-sized combine harvesters by applying electronic devices and components that make them suitable for use in experimental agriculture. (discover)

As in the plot seed drills, also in this case we use commercial machines that ensure robustness and work capacity, reliability and easy availability of spare parts.


Our experience in equipping combine harvesters for the collection of single plots prompted us to introduce, in 2006, the dual plot combine (Split Combine) with the innovative ALMACO HarvestMax no-stop system, allowing it to collect up to 5000 corn plots per day. (discover)

Various technical and electronic equipment solutions are available, which can be installed on new or used machines.

With the imagination and technical ability that sets us apart, we create solutions that can handle different business needs.

Proof of this is our simple and robust corn shredder, which allows you to cut up, weigh and collect a sample of product, using the same tractor used in seeding.


The “tracks sprayer LUNA”, a specific machine for the distribution of chemical products on different crops, is still in the development stage, which allows working with any type of soil, even muddy and uneven, thanks to the track transmission and ease of operating the controls.


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